Developed by Arizona's Statesman Group, Pleasant Harbor Recreation Community is a proposed development on approximately 257 acres of the 710 acre Black Point Peninsula along the western side of the Hood Canal. The peninsula is surrounded on the North, South, and East by the waters of the Hood Canal. Pleasant Harbor is formed by the West shore of Black Point and the east shore of the mainland. The site is about 40 miles north of Shelton and 3 miles south of Brinnon in Jefferson County, Washington.

The Recreation Community is a well-thought out development that delivers many benefits to the Community of Washington, Local Employment and Environment.

In recent years, Statesman Group have made several significant improvements to the community, including:

  • Replaced 4 docks, with 2 more scheduled for replacement
  • Completely rebuilt the fueling stations, providing Non-Ethanol Gas & Diesel, and vacuum pump out
  • Built a brand new Bistro & Pub, complete with roof-top patio and office space
  • Renovated and Upgraded the Luxury Guest accommodations overlooking the Harbor
  • Beautified and Revitalized the outdoor pool, hot tub, and green areas throughout the property
  • Numerous infrastructure improvements including roads, electrical, and water treatment

The Future

Our future plans are to bring excitement and affordable experiences to the residents and visitors of one of North America’s most beautiful destinations, while respecting the history, environment, and culture of this one-of-a-kind setting.

  • Quality amenities that attract and sustain residents to stay within and support their community
  • Provide young people with activities that they need and want to be engaged and active
  • Build a safe and nourishing environment for parents to raise their children
  • Create an environment which appeals to the lifestyle of our senior population, while also providing an exciting offering for their children and grandchildren to visit frequently
  • Create quality and sustainable employment, critical to the prosperity of the local residents
  • Develop and Construct the community in an environmentally respectful and responsible way



40 staff housing suites, 422 Terrace Suites and Seaview Villas, a Maritime Village (with a farmers market, retail shopping, and short term accommodations) and a full Recreation Community delivering both indoor and outdoor amenities.

Family Fun Center

SPA/Health Center

Large Pool & Slide


Education Center

Wedding & Conference


Field-House/Soccer Court

9 Hole Golf Course

Children’s Fun Park

Roller Coaster ZIP-LINE

Tennis/Pickle Ball Courts