An all weather destination with indoor and outdoor activities & adventures for all of the family and your friends.

Whether it’s exploring, nature, enjoying water activities or just relaxing - at Pleasant Harbor Marina you’ll discover much more than just a Marina.


Swimming Pool

Enjoy yourself poolside or in the swimming pool - family fun for all.

Hot Tub

While the children play or after a swim - relax in our inground Hot Tub


Our NEW designated family fun area on the water has paddle boards - family fun for all.


Venture out onto the water with our NEW Kayak area - go solo or in a group.


Head out onto the water in a boat or yacht - Pleasant Harbor is perfect for sailing all year round.

Sailing Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn how to sail ? Join our classes and become a Captain of the waves.


On Water and via the Boat Launch - Pleasant Harbor on The Hood Canal is great for fishing.


Enjoy Crabbing & Shrimping Season on The Hood Canal and afterwards come and join us at The Gally & Pub



Pleasant Harbor Marina and the nearby Olympic National Park is perfect for those who prefer to stay and explore.

Nature Trails

Do you like panoramic views, gentle slopes, nature in bloom? - Nature Trails in Pleasant Harbor and the nearby Olympic National Park are for you.

Bird Watching

View Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons, gulls, waterfowl, Red-winged Blackbirds, wrens, and much more - exceptional bird watching year round.


Experience the underwater marine life of The Hood Canal in various well researched locations.



Can you stay on the board ? Ask us about organizing a Jousting competition for your family & friends

Play Area

Children will love our NEW Kid's play area - fun fun fun.


Classic family fun with our NEW Horseshoe pitch game area - why not team up!

Frisbee Hoops

Exciting family fun with our NEW Frisbee Hoops game area - will you win?


Relaxation for Children and Adults alike - paint the views, flowers or something imagined!

Xbox Zone

Our new Kids Interactive Area offers the latest in gaming entertainment - why not test your put on our Golf Pro game plus much more


COMING SOON - Our Zip Line & Tree Top Adventure is sure to enthral as you whizz over the water or trek through the tree tops.


COMING SOON - Our Golf Course will offer an interesting golfing experience to all - see you at the clubhouse!


I just wanted to say thank you all for making our shrimping event stress free. This is our second year mooring at your facility for the shrimping season, and I have enjoyed it so much. We can go out when we want to, and we don’t have to wait in the long line to launch our boat. We can come back when we want to and don’t have to wait for the proper tide, or in the long line to get out of the water. AND you are all so pleasant. So just in case I don’t think to say thank you to you all, I wanted to say it in advance of my first day of shrimping for this year. I can’t wait!!

Cheri S. (May 2015)

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