Relaxing Pleasure

The seeds of The Hamlet of Pleasant Harbor took root on the lands over the Harbor almost a century ago when pioneers and natives harvested timber together; often sliding it down the embankment into the waters of Pleasant Harbor.

From that time period, many attempts to develop the property took place, because the land area was a natural refuge for recreation and entertainment with activities for the enjoyment of the early community.

Now, The Hamlet of Pleasant Harbor is moving forward as a wholesome sustainable and supportive Recreation Community that provides security — entertainment with activities, for its residents and guest/visitors.



Fun For The Whole Family

Security For Living

People choose to reside where they enjoy a quality Lifestyle.

  • The Hamlet of Pleasant Harbor is developing single family homes on quarter-acre wooded lots that overlook the golf course and the waters of Puget Sound.
  • Sea-View Villas with expansive space for 1-level living for 2-bedrooms with den and horizon views of the waters of Puget Sound
  • Terrace Lofts from 1-bedroom to 3-bedrooms plus a media room provides large window vistas of the Cascades & Olympia Mountains as well as the seawaters of Puget Sound.

  • The INN at Pleasant Harbor are guest suites for families requiring short-term vacations for a large variety of sporting and entertainment events, that often involve family members’ participation.

  • Belaire House is a refuge for rejuvenation of health for those who need to rekindle their pre-conditions, that renders them vulnerable to diseases.

Security For Recreation

People choose to reside where they can enjoy Mobility.

  • Mobility is the definition today for health and wellness. People of all ages who find activities swimming — playing hockey or skating — volleyball or lacrosse — laser skeet shooting / shooting ranges — REJUV-HEALTH classes that includes medical counselling — championship golf — boat & water sports including shrimping, crabbing, fishing are some of the activities.

  • Education is defined in the Conference Center with guest speakers and smaller conferences and even wedding events.

  • Sunday Worship and children’s Sunday School meets spiritual needs.

  • There is an entertainment stage for singers — comedians — bands that make weekends eventful.

Security For Nourishing Foods

People choose to reside where they can enjoy quality Cuisines.

  • Farming and Fishing have been natural in the history of western Washington State.
  • Pleasant Harbor Farms along with local growers provides fresh fruits and vegetables through the Hamlet’s Farmers Market.

  • The variety of choices in the Food Court is extensive and nourishing with fresh wholesome foods.

  • The Hamlet’s aquaculture for harvesting fresh Salmon — Cod – Arctic Char will be notable for locals understanding that these salmonoids etc. are fed only healthy nutrients to lower the risk of metabolizing carcinogens.

Security For Communication & Safety

People choose to reside where they can enjoy Connection with the World, safely.

  • The Hamlet of Pleasant Harbor relies on Satellite transmission through Viasat at 25 mbps or Hughes Net at 25 mbps speed and not less than 3 mbpr upload bandwidth. Everything we do today encourages the transfer of data packets and smooth communication and encourages home offices using conference capacity through Microsoft Team and ZOOM.

  • While cities de-fund police, The Hamlet of Pleasant Harbor is a gated community that will fund local security 24/7.

  • All access points to The Hamlet of Pleasant Harbor will incorporate technology for determining health risks from mutating viruses.

Security For Wellness

People choose to reside where they can enjoy quality Cuisines.

  • REJUV-HEALTH is a kinesiology designed educational and mobility training program for preventing lifestyle conditions called chronic health diseases.  These include cardio-respiratory conditions such as hypertension — obesity — COPD — type 2 diabetes and anxiety & depression, some auto-immune illnesses such as arthritis and substance abuses and even some cancers.

  • Our Health Center includes an approved surgical operatory for various endoscopic day procedures such as those related to ear-nose-throat procedures, general surgeries, plastic surgery plus urology & gynecology and minor orthopedic procedures.

  • Day Care for young children will be available at the Recreation Center.

Security For Preserving Environment

People are sensitive to protecting the Environment & Area Ecology.

  • The Hamlet of Pleasant Harbor is utilizing new technologies for conserving hydrocarbons, through a geothermal healthy heat and cooling system, solar technologies, drinking water monitoring programs, wastewater treatment plant, conserving the boreal forest, protecting the shoreline area to prevent offsite pollution, back-up generator to prevent blackouts. The professional well-managed Pleasant Harbor Utility District staff is on-site daily.

  • Vehicle parking is designed to be off-road in garages or parkades.

  • Pedestrian or electric cart transportation is encouraged with multiple pathways.

Security For Socialization

People enjoying like-minded persons for Comradery & Socialization.

  • Residents of The Hamlet of Pleasant Harbor do not want to discriminate due to race – culture – age. Instead, the board encourages like-minded people to enjoy the atmosphere where the emphasis is on the freedom to live a quality life.

  • Socialization is a human need.  Through sporting events, emphasis on family life and a healthy lifestyle attracts comradery and socialization.

  • Living-Life to It’s-Fullest describes the vision for The Hamlet of Pleasant Harbor.


Sporting and Wellness


  • Golf Course and Pro-Shop for both 9-holes and 18-hole challenges

  • The 300 Slip Marina with fuel for diesel and gasoline at Pleasant Harbor.

  • Yachting-Boating-Fishing-Crabbing-Shrimping

  • Mini-Olympics for family entertainment and challenges

  • Pickle-Ball and Bocce -Ball Courts

  • Family Fun Center with Tree-Topper Adventure with multi-ZIP-LINES

  • The Farmer’s Marketplace and quaint retail stores

  • Freshly-Grown Vegetables & Fruits and Fresh Seafood

  • Pedestrian Pathways and Bicycle Treks

  • Visiting interesting artifacts and water-falls

  • Music by the Sea

  • Walking-on-Water


  • League Play: Junior Hockey-Soccer-Lacrosse-Volleyball-Figure Skaing

  • Indoor Pools for Swim Meets and Family Entertainment

  • The Royal Flush Indoor/Outdoor Water slide

  • Conference Center and Theatre

  • Market-Place & Food Court with “Garden Fresh” cuisine

  • REJUV SPA including exercise center and The Dynamics for Healthy-Aging

  • Medical Assistance

  • Racket Ball Courts

  • Laser Skeet Shooting Challenge

  • Wedding Chapel & Meal, Dancing Reception

  • Daycare Center

  • Indigenous Arts & Crafts & Gifts


“This place was so beautiful.. and hidden! We just barely noticed the road to it from the main road but were so glad we did and were able to check it out. A nice little restaurant and bar with a cool view of the marina and an adorable little gift shop below that! Everyone was really nice and helpful. They also had houseboat rentals! I’ll be returning, for sure!!”

R.M (From Google Review)

“The Emerald Yachts team would like to thank Diane Coleman and the entire Pleasant Harbor Marina Resort staff for the personal attention and coordinated effort in making our weekend retreat both comfortable and memorable. The facility and staff are not only first class, but they offer amenities rarely seen at marinas in the Northwest like a swimming pool and hot tub. We will certainly recommend the Marina Resort to our boating friends and clients and will look forward to returning again soon.”

S.A (From Google Review)


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