Pleasant Harbor Resort

A Recreation Community

Pleasant Harbor Resort is a Recreation Community located on the West side of Puget Sound’s Hood Canal, only two hours’ drive from Sea-Tac airport. Our well protected and deep-water 300 vessel harbor is framed by the natural beauty of Puget Sound and the mountains of the Olympic National Park.

Pleasant Harbor is a unique location, just off the Coast Highway 101 – a truly idyllic destination with dramatic sea and mountain views.

We could not be prouder of the five beautify living options within the gated communities. These retirement and vacation homes will rival the finest of lifestyles spanning the globe. We invite you to experience the refined atmosphere of north-west urban contemporary architectural designs with comfortable healthy living for those contemplating retirement and/or looking for a place to build family memories for generations.


Pleasant Harbor Resort: A recreation community

A recreation community can never be duplicated - the location is one-of-a-kind.


Development Of The Decade

Pleasant Harbor: A Marina & Recreation Community is now being developed beyond the first phase of the Marina. Today there is the Galley Kitchen and Pub plus a family pool adjacent to the surrounding uplands. The county has been impressed with the quality of Phase 1. They have recently released the Development Agreement to complete the Recreation and Convention Center with a Farmer’s Marketplace occupying the Maritime Village.

This beautiful rolling hill property is preserved and improved from its past. It is not far from Bill Gates and friends who developed Alderbrook; except Pleasant Harbor is said to be much more entertaining once completed. Nature has been preserved and protected. The Pleasant Harbor Community is all about the Family enjoying extensive recreation adjacent to nature’s serenity with miles of pathways through the boreal fores


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At Pleasant Harbor

There is an art to living well. During this time of unprecedented challenges, including restrictions placed on people and their lives, the Statesman Group is developing the first self-contained & self-sustained community that is less vulnerable to the interceding restriction on people’s lives and the consequences of long-term lockdowns, because of mutating viruses. Our objectives have been to provide people with Security—Success—Satisfaction through:

  • Managing our own Freshwater Aquifer for quality drinking water.

  • Managing our own Wastewater Treatment Plant Re-creating Class “A” water.

  • Utilizing Thin Film Solar Technology for generating part of our energy needs.

  • Utilizing Lightweight Steel Construction for improved quality

  • Creating healthy heating & cooling from Geothermal Technology.

  • Growing our own Vegetables & Fruits from Hydroponic Greenhouses.

  • Producing healthy Fresh Fish through Aquaculture – feeding them proteins from compressed grains such as canola and soy.

  • Providing people with REJUV-a–90-Day Experience to enhance their dynamics for healthy aging.

  • Operate a professional Sports & Recreation community including weekly entertainment.

  • Present our own label on Scintillating Red & White Wines.

People around the globe are wanting to find the ultimate location for their family… a mere 2 hour drive from SeaTac. Creating Community Family Values… In Concert with Nature.



Sporting and Wellness


  • Golf Course and Pro-Shop for both 9-holes and 18-hole challenges

  • The 300 Slip Marina with fuel for diesel and gasoline at Pleasant Harbor.

  • Yachting-Boating-Fishing-Crabbing-Shrimping

  • Mini-Olympics for family entertainment and challenges

  • Pickle-Ball and Bocce -Ball Courts

  • Family Fun Center with Tree-Topper Adventure with multi-ZIP-LINES

  • The Farmer’s Marketplace and quaint retail stores

  • Freshly-Grown Vegetables & Fruits and Fresh Seafood

  • Pedestrian Pathways and Bicycle Treks

  • Visiting interesting artifacts and water-falls

  • Music by the Sea

  • Walking-on-Water


  • League Play: Junior Hockey-Soccer-Lacrosse-Volleyball-Figure Skaing

  • Indoor Pools for Swim Meets and Family Entertainment

  • The Royal Flush Indoor/Outdoor Water slide

  • Conference Center and Theatre

  • Market-Place & Food Court with “Garden Fresh” cuisine

  • REJUV SPA including exercise center and The Dynamics for Healthy-Aging

  • Medical Assistance

  • Racket Ball Courts

  • Laser Skeet Shooting Challenge

  • Wedding Chapel & Meal, Dancing Reception

  • Daycare Center

  • Indigenous Arts & Crafts & Gifts



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The Statesman Group

The Statesman Group of Companies is approaching half a century of leading innovative and award winning new communities throughout North America.

Our motto, “What a Beautiful Way to Live”, is and steadily remains our guiding principle. The locations, flexibility and value of ownership, residence and lifestyle with Statesman are of proven high quality.


"Pleasant Harbor Resort, in this most gorgeous setting, just might be the "Best of the Best" we have ever developed."

Dr. M. Garth mann, CEO The Statesman Group


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